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5 Wine mistakes everyone makes but shouldn’t

Most of the wine lovers are prone to make several of these common mistakes which can ruin their wine tasting experience leaving them feeling completely unsatisfied with their wine. So what can you do to make sure you don’t commit these mistakes?

Pay attention to the following listed points and avoid them next time on a wine tasting and you will see that your wine tastes infinitely better and delicious:

Avoid chilling your wine too much

Many of us don’t realize that wine isn’t supposed to be chilled in the refrigerator too long or that we aren’t supposed to put ice in it. This can result in dilution its original taste which could be the biggest mistake you could make while serving .

Serving it at the room temperature is equally acceptable but make sure you don’t warm or chill it. It tastes good at its normal temperature and any tampering with its temperature will just leave you feeling unsatisfied with your favorite drink.

Food and wine pairing

Another crucial mistake which a lot of people make is not paying attention to its combination with food. It’s a known fact that some kinds of wines go well with a certain ingredients and help in lifting the taste but if you get it wrong, you are bound to get a too sweet, bitter or salty taste which would ruin your whole eating experience.

Make sure you have memorized or listed somewhere the combinations and incorporate it into your eating habits. Don’t mix and match too much, it would only end up in a disaster. Creating a perfect combination is an art and it would take a little time to learn it but once learnt, it could change your cooking game.

Don’t rush the wine serving process

Don’t be one of those people who open the bottle  and immediately pour it into a glass and serve it. These drinks need some time to breath and take in the oxygen to unravel its taste and aroma.

Next time when you are about to serve a new bottle of wine, open the bottle and pour it into a glass and let it rest for some time before serving it to your guests. This will ensure that there is enough time to open up and soften its flavors.

Store your wine bottle in a perfect environment

One of the most crucial mistakes which a lot of people make is storing the bottles in the wrong environment. Avoid keeping the bottles in some warm place or somewhere it can catch the sun’s rays, it will age your wine quickly and will taste and smell flat when you finally do open it.

Avoid storing it in cold places too as this dry out the cork and again result in a not so natural flavor. Make sure that you don’t store it in a place where it experiences extreme temperature swings, just keep it somewhere where the temperature is around 50-55 degrees and you should be good to go. Here’s few more useful storage tips you should know about.


Avoid choosing incorrect glassware

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the correct glass for your wine is extremely important if you don’t want to destroy your whole wine drinking experience. Imagine pouring wine in a coffee cup or a paper cup and then serving to your guests, not only will you be forever mocked for this gesture but you will also ruin the wine taste making others doubt your choice in wine.

Go for simple glassware with large bowl as they give the wine more time to soak in the air and release its flavors and aromas. But make sure you choose your glassware with precision and in accordance to the occasion, don’t be neglectful of this simple point else you might end up scaring everyone away from your future wine tastings.

Now that you know all the mistakes which you were committing  so far, next time you grab a bottle of wine make sure you serve it right and taste it the way it was meant to be.

The Wine Stain guide every wine lover needs

While most of us like to have an occasional glass of wine, we aren’t too enthused to conduct a wine party at our house due to the fear of spills that might happen. While this is a valid concern, you can’t just not serve wine during house parties. Red wine is an integral part of any party and avoiding that could be a bummer.

So we have brought to you these 5 tricks which you need to know about removing a red wine stain from any surface:

Don’t wait too long

The moment you notice a spill, take out your cleaning agents and get to work. If you leave the stain uncleaned too long, it will only get more difficult to get it off. As soon as you spill happens, make sure you put the cloth under water faucet immediately and use a detergent to wash the stain off.

For clothes which aren’t washable, take a towel or paper napkin and try to soak as much wine as possible and then take it immediately to a dry cleaner. In case of such stains, time is your enemy so hurry while the stain is still fresh.

Salt it

If the spill in on your favorite carpet or rug, the best course of action would be to sprinkle some salt on the affected surface and let it soak off as much as possible. But make sure you do this within 2 minutes of the spill otherwise the carpet or rug might absorb the wine and then salting it won’t be of much use.

Once you have salted it, wait for some time and then dust off the salt crystals. The stain would have reduced by now and you can use other methods to remove it completely.

Rubbing is a big No-No

Do anything to the  stain except rubbing it. You will just make it worse by spreading it deeper into the affected surface. If you want to still do something to dry up the red stain and not push it further in, I would advise you to use a paper towel to absorb the stain.

Use any item which is good at absorbing and press it against the stained area but be careful to not rub it.

Bleach It

While this is not one of the most ideal method to get a stain off your clothing materials, this has been known as the most effective way to get that stain off your favorite white shirt. All you have to do is let your white clothing soak in bleach for about 5-10 minutes and then put it under hot water. Voila! Your stain would have disappeared by the end of this routine.

Pour Soda on it

Sometimes sprinkling salt alone on the stain isn’t of much use, in those cases you can pour some soda on the stained area and let it work its magic. You need to pour soda on stained area until you see the stain fading away and then once you have successfully removed it, use a paper towel to soak up the excess liquid and then let it dry.

It is said that soda is a kind of weak acid so it proves to be effective in removing stains from the fabrics more effectively.

Here’s a video guide to help you understand the above steps better.


Now next time when you have a party over and some clumsy guest of yours spills some red wine on your precious carpet or their own fancy clothes, you know what to do. No more being scared of the wine stains. Wine parties are on people!

Questions every newbie needs to answer before getting a stand mixer

While buying a stand mixer is not an easy feat in itself, if you have decided to buy a stand mixer by KitchenAid, it could become an even more complex process.

With a wide range of models, KitchenAid can provide you with a lot of options which could confuse you and misdirect you into buying a mixer which you actually don’t need.

So to avoid going for an unnecessary or over the expensive mixer, we have compiled a list of questions you need to ask yourself before finalizing on a model.

How costly?

Perhaps one of the most basic and crucial questions would be to ask yourself that how much are you really willing to spend on your new appliance.

If you are looking for some budgeted model, then you might need to really go on a search hunt as KitchenAid models are usually a little costly.

But if it’s the quality you want and the cost is not an issue for you, then you can probably go ahead and take a look at the best models and decide which one suits your needs.

How often am I going to use it?

I would only be inclined towards a KitchenAid model is if I am going to be using it on a regular basis as these  models are the best option when it comes to durability and post-sales service, but if you are looking for something to be used once in a week or even fewer times then you should go for some other budget brand as it will come cheaper.

What color would I like to purchase?

Since KitchenAid models come in numerous colors, it would be good to decide beforehand which color you would want your stand mixer to be.

You could go for something which would match your kitchen interiors or could go for something totally different, but making a prior decision is important unless you want to go to the store and then be gobsmacked by looking at the color collection.

Do I have space to store it in the kitchen?

Note that these mixers are known to be large and heavy and so would require an adequate amount of space to store them in the kitchen.

Check if you have enough storage space for these bulking models and if your answer is a no, then probably it’s time to look for a smaller model which would be easily accommodated in your kitchen.

Don’t make the mistake of not thinking this through because really if you don’t have space for this model, it could turn into a bad investment real quick.

Why am I really buying this brand?

Another crucial question to ask yourself is whether you are buying this brand just for the sake of loyalty or if the features and services provided by them actually serve your purpose.

If it is the former, then you need to look at other options and go for something which would suit your needs better. But if is the latter, then don’t waste your time and make a decision soon as KitchenAid provides top-notch models that make for a good investment in the long run.

Learn more about the best KitchenAid Stand mixers below

Everything you need to know about Wine serving and glasswar

Now that you have finally bought a wine bottle and plan to serve it to your guests for dinner, it’s time you follow some of these basics to make sure that your wine tasting experience isn’t ruined and goes on smoothly so here’s what you should do.

Choose the appropriate glassware

Your choice of glassware for serving wine to your friends and guests is crucial to determine how likely your guests are going to like the whole experience. Some wines taste better when served with a specific type of wine glass.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use your normal regular wine glasses for serving the wine. But if you want your guests appreciating the wine more, it would be better to do a research on all the types of wine glasses and which wine are they suitable for. Check out the guide below for more details.


Serve your wine cool

It’s important that you serve your wine at a temperature which is neither too warm nor too cold. If you serve your wine at a slightly cooler temperature, you are more likely to avoid some of the overpowering aromas that are likely to sift out through the wine while serving.

Wine is more likely to smell alcoholic when served at a warmer temperature because of ethanol evaporation, so if you want your guests to just enjoy their wine without worrying about the alcoholic content, it would be wise to serve them their wine cooler.

Uncork the bottle

How to open your wine bottle is one of the most basic steps which you need to master. We all know that we have to use the corkscrew to remove the cork from the bottle, but there are several little details which must not be missed.

Firstly cut off the foil or outer shell of the bottle which is found just below the curve of the bottleneck. Once you have removed the cap, insert the corkscrew straight into the middle of the cork and pull it out gently and slowly. There is no need to rush this process as you don’t want to spill the wine all over. Here’s how it’s done.


Let it breathe

Once you have successfully opened your wine bottle, the next step would be to let it decanter. This is deemed necessary because after staying still for so long, the wine is bound to accumulate a layer on it which is although not highly unpleasant but is sure to affect the taste of the wine.

Once you open the wine, let it sit in a glass bowl so that the wine is freed which results in enhanced taste and aroma. In some cases if the smell is too pungent, you can also add a silver spoon or silver piece of jewelry to help with the decantation process, it really works!

Pouring the correct quantity

Once your wine is ready to serve to your guests, it’s important to know that how much quantity you should pour in each glass. You don’t want to fill the glass to the brim, which suggests that you are trying to get your guests drunk. But not filling it halfway through suggests that you aren’t interested in serving them the wine.

So go for medium sized glass servings, fill the glass 3/4th with wine. Typically, your 750 ml of wine bottle should be able to fill 6-12 glasses with normal servings.

So next time you plan to serve wine with your dinner, make sure you follow these 5 basic steps while serving your wine and not miss out on any of the crucial steps.


5 Ways a glass of wine effects your health

We all love having an occasional glass of wine every now and then to soothe our nerves and savor our taste buds. But what if we told you that a glass of wine every day could prove beneficial to you after all?

Yes, you heard us right. The wine has many benefits and a glass every day would certainly be good for your health, here are all the reasons why you should start this practice now:

Prevents depression

It has been found that people who drink a glass or two of wine every day are less prone to melancholy and depression. Researchers actually found this to be true while conducting an experiment on people with different lifestyles.

So, you can drink a glass of wine every day or once every two days, it is up to you. But a regular intake of wine is bound to keep you happy and away from depression. No more Monday blues, wine is there to make you forget all your worries.

Provides you with longer life

Want to live longer? Wine seems to answer to that. This is mainly because wine drinkers tend to switch to vegan diet rather than a meat diet which is said to result in long lasting life. Not one meat lover will love hearing though.

A study in 2007 found that a compound known as procyanidins which are found in red tannin is known to nurture your cardiovascular health. No wonder the people of France choose to drink wine every day, a sure shot way for a near-immortal life.

Lowers Heart Attack Risks

It was found that people of all age, sex, and lifestyles when took wine regularly, according to their needs, were found to have reduced chances of strokes than those who didn’t take wine regularly. In fact, when the same study was conducted using beer or any other alcohol, the effect wasn’t the same.

So now you know what to do to make sure that your chances of contracting a heart attack are less.

Makes you smarter

Yes, you read it right. The wine has proven to increase your memory power and helps you in retaining information for a long period of time. A substance called resveratrol is known to promote short-term memory.

Researchers found this to be true that after 30 minutes of wine consumption people remembered words more clearly than the non-drinkers.

So if you want to boost your memory, time to take a few sips of wine every day and reap the benefits for yourself.

Control your blood sugar level

Worried your diabetic? It’s wine to the rescue again and yes this one’s backed by science too. People who drank wine every day are 40-45% less likely to contract any kind of diabetes than those who don’t drink wine regularly.

Polyphenols in red wine interact with the cells that are responsible for the blood sugar regulation activities. The wine contains this substance in equivalent quantity to some of the blood sugar-regulating drugs thus preventing its need.