5 Ways a glass of wine affects your health

We all love having an occasional glass of wine every now and then to soothe our nerves and savor our taste buds. But what if we told you that a glass of wine every day could prove beneficial to you after all?

Yes, you heard us right. The wine has many benefits and a glass every day would certainly be good for your health, here are all the reasons why you should start this practice now:

Prevents depression

It has been found that people who drink a glass or two of wine every day are less prone to melancholy and depression. Researchers actually found this to be true while conducting an experiment on people with different lifestyles.

So, you can drink a glass of wine every day or once every two days, it is up to you. But a regular intake of wine is bound to keep you happy and away from depression. No more Monday blues, wine is there to make you forget all your worries.

Provides you with longer life

Want to live longer? Wine seems to answer to that. This is mainly because wine drinkers tend to switch to vegan diet rather than a meat diet which is said to result in long lasting life. Not one meat lover will love hearing though.

A study in 2007 found that a compound known as procyanidins which are found in red tannin is known to nurture your cardiovascular health. No wonder the people of France choose to drink wine every day, a sure shot way for a near-immortal life.

Lowers Heart Attack Risks

It was found that people of all age, sex, and lifestyles when took wine regularly, according to their needs, were found to have reduced chances of strokes than those who didn’t take wine regularly. In fact, when the same study was conducted using beer or any other alcohol, the effect wasn’t the same.

So now you know what to do to make sure that your chances of contracting a heart attack are less.

Makes you smarter

Yes, you read it right. The wine has proven to increase your memory power and helps you in retaining information for a long period of time. A substance called resveratrol is known to promote short-term memory.

Researchers found this to be true that after 30 minutes of wine consumption people remembered words more clearly than the non-drinkers.

So if you want to boost your memory, time to take a few sips of wine every day and reap the benefits for yourself.

Control your blood sugar level

Worried your diabetic? It’s wine to the rescue again and yes this one’s backed by science too. People who drank wine every day are 40-45% less likely to contract any kind of diabetes than those who don’t drink wine regularly.

Polyphenols in red wine interact with the cells that are responsible for the blood sugar regulation activities. The wine contains this substance in equivalent quantity to some of the blood sugar-regulating drugs thus preventing its need.

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