The Wine Stain guide every wine lover needs

While most of us like to have an occasional glass of wine, we aren’t too enthused to conduct a wine party at our house due to the fear of spills that might happen. While this is a valid concern, you can’t just not serve wine during house parties. Red wine is an integral part of any party and avoiding that could be a bummer.

So we have brought to you these 5 tricks which you need to know about removing a red wine stain from any surface:

Don’t wait too long

The moment you notice a spill, take out your cleaning agents and get to work. If you leave the stain uncleaned too long, it will only get more difficult to get it off. As soon as you spill happens, make sure you put the cloth under water faucet immediately and use a detergent to wash the stain off.

For clothes which aren’t washable, take a towel or paper napkin and try to soak as much wine as possible and then take it immediately to a dry cleaner. In case of such stains, time is your enemy so hurry while the stain is still fresh.

Salt it

If the spill in on your favorite carpet or rug, the best course of action would be to sprinkle some salt on the affected surface and let it soak off as much as possible. But make sure you do this within 2 minutes of the spill otherwise the carpet or rug might absorb the wine and then salting it won’t be of much use.

Once you have salted it, wait for some time and then dust off the salt crystals. The stain would have reduced by now and you can use other methods to remove it completely.

Rubbing is a big No-No

Do anything to the  stain except rubbing it. You will just make it worse by spreading it deeper into the affected surface. If you want to still do something to dry up the red stain and not push it further in, I would advise you to use a paper towel to absorb the stain.

Use any item which is good at absorbing and press it against the stained area but be careful to not rub it.

Bleach It

While this is not one of the most ideal method to get a stain off your clothing materials, this has been known as the most effective way to get that stain off your favorite white shirt. All you have to do is let your white clothing soak in bleach for about 5-10 minutes and then put it under hot water. Voila! Your stain would have disappeared by the end of this routine.

Pour Soda on it

Sometimes sprinkling salt alone on the stain isn’t of much use, in those cases you can pour some soda on the stained area and let it work its magic. You need to pour soda on stained area until you see the stain fading away and then once you have successfully removed it, use a paper towel to soak up the excess liquid and then let it dry.

It is said that soda is a kind of weak acid so it proves to be effective in removing stains from the fabrics more effectively.

Here’s a video guide to help you understand the above steps better.


Now next time when you have a party over and some clumsy guest of yours spills some red wine on your precious carpet or their own fancy clothes, you know what to do. No more being scared of the wine stains. Wine parties are on people!

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