Making Quality Wine

When the people talk about wine they immediately think of wine made from grapes, but there are many sources from which we can make wine that includes, rice, fruits, barley, and even honey.

Wine tasting

There are so many varieties of wine, the factors that categorize wine are vilification methods, taste and lastly vintage. Most of the wine drinkers don’t care about these categories as most of the people rely only on the taste of the wine. The quality of the wine depends on various factors the variety of the grape and the quality of the fruit, all must meet the highest standard.


1. Vinification

The process by which the juice from the grapes is fermented to make wine is called as Vinification. This process of fermentation determines the wine quality. A misconception of most wine drinker is that color of the grape juice is different to make the different type of wine, this is not true as when we take out juice from the grapes it is almost a clear liquid.

The color of the wine is determined by the fact that whether grape skin has been fermented with the wine or has they left out the grape skins.

2. Taste

The taste of the wine is classified into dry or off-dry, sometimes fruity, or sweet. This is because of the amount of sugar which is left after the end of fermentation, the wine which is dry has very less sugar content, while a wine that is sweeter has a high sugar content.

This is the very basic taste analysis, people have developed standards for wine classification, this means that they can classify on aroma, the taste and time of fermentation.

3. Vintage

Vintage refers to the process to calculate the year of the grapes harvested from the year in which the wine is produced. Why this is important as many farmers that grow grapes have very good harvests only in certain years. Also, the good grapes are usually separated out. The good the quality of grapes determine highest quality wine from that year’s harvest.

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