Grind your coffee beans

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Have you been bored of drinking the same coffee daily? Why don’t you try making cold brew coffee rather than the traditional hot brew? Tough the method will take some time to brew but it prepares a really tasty cup of coffee. So let’s see how you can do this.

Part 1: Preparing Coffee and Equipment

Buy good quality medium roast coffee beans: If all you want is the best cup of coffee that can be achieved only if the beans have been recently roasted. It would be better if you get beans that have been roasted locally. If not possible then find a coffee bean that you have already tasted.

You can even grind coffee at home to get better taste and fresh cold brew coffee.

Find a large container to brew your coffee in: For this, you can take a pitcher or a large jar or your French press coffee maker, with the presser taken out. A glass container would be the most suitable if you want to avoid chemicals leaching into your coffee.

There are some products that are specifically designed for making cold brew coffee. You can have one if you want to brew a lot of coffee.

Grind your coffee beans: To get the perfect cup of joe, you need to grind about one ounce of coffee for every one cup of water. First, you need to check how many cups of water your container can hold and then use that ounce of coffee.

You can adjust the ratio of coffee and water according to the type of coffee you prefer.

Grind your coffee beans

Part 2: Brewing your Coffee

Put the grounds into the container and then pour room temperature water in over the grounds: Always follow this simple rule, one cup of water should be used for every ounce of coffee beans. It means if your container can hold six cups of water, you need to add six ounces of coffee grounds into it.

Let the grounds remain in the water for about 10 minutes, stir the grounds in the water. This is done so that you get maximum flavors of the ground.

Cover your coffee and water mixture and leave: Let the coffee steep for 12-24 hours, rest depends on how strong you want your cold coffee to be.

Some would say to keep the coffee mixture into the refrigerator. However, this is not mandatory, as the coffee will not spoil at room temperature.

Filter the coffee and water mixture: Though you can filter the mixture in several ways the simplest method is to put a wire mesh strainer with a piece of large coffee filter in it over a pitcher. Then just pour the steeped coffee through it. Why we do this so that all the coffee grounds remain behind and give you smooth and delicious cold brew.

Chill your coffee and serve when ready: Now you are ready with your non-diluted iced coffee, so you can enjoy it with ice, milk or cream, and any sweetener of your choice.

Brewing your Coffee

Instead of adding your regular sugar to the coffee, try some simple syrup that can combine with the cold brew perfectly. You can even keep it in the fridge for several weeks but remember you have to keep it covered.

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