Everything you need to know about Wine serving and glassware

Now that you have finally bought a wine bottle and plan to serve it to your guests for dinner, it’s time you follow some of these basics to make sure that your wine tasting experience isn’t ruined and goes on smoothly so here’s what you should do.

Choose the appropriate glassware

Your choice of glassware for serving wine to your friends and guests is crucial to determine how likely your guests are going to like the whole experience. Some wines taste better when served with a specific type of wine glass.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use your normal regular wine glasses for serving the wine. But if you want your guests appreciating the wine more, it would be better to do a research on all the types of wine glasses and which wine are they suitable for. Check out the guide below for more details.


Serve your wine cool

It’s important that you serve your wine at a temperature which is neither too warm nor too cold. If you serve your wine at a slightly cooler temperature, you are more likely to avoid some of the overpowering aromas that are likely to sift out through the wine while serving.

Wine is more likely to smell alcoholic when served at a warmer temperature because of ethanol evaporation, so if you want your guests to just enjoy their wine without worrying about the alcoholic content, it would be wise to serve them their wine cooler.

Uncork the bottle

How to open your wine bottle is one of the most basic steps which you need to master. We all know that we have to use the corkscrew to remove the cork from the bottle, but there are several little details which must not be missed.

Firstly cut off the foil or outer shell of the bottle which is found just below the curve of the bottleneck. Once you have removed the cap, insert the corkscrew straight into the middle of the cork and pull it out gently and slowly. There is no need to rush this process as you don’t want to spill the wine all over. Here’s how it’s done.


Let it breathe

Once you have successfully opened your wine bottle, the next step would be to let it decanter. This is deemed necessary because after staying still for so long, the wine is bound to accumulate a layer on it which is although not highly unpleasant but is sure to affect the taste of the wine.

Once you open the wine, let it sit in a glass bowl so that the wine is freed which results in enhanced taste and aroma. In some cases if the smell is too pungent, you can also add a silver spoon or silver piece of jewelry to help with the decantation process, it really works!

Pouring the correct quantity

Once your wine is ready to serve your guests, it’s important to know that how much quantity you should pour into each glass. You don’t want to fill the glass to the brim, which suggests that you are trying to get your guests drunk. But not filling it halfway through suggests that you aren’t interested in serving them the wine.

So go for medium sized glass servings, fill the glass 3/4th with wine. Typically, your 750 ml of wine bottle should be able to fill 6-12 glasses with normal servings.

So next time you plan to serve wine with your dinner, make sure you follow these 5 basic steps while serving your wine and not miss out on any of the crucial steps.