5 Wine mistakes everyone makes but shouldn’t

Most of the wine lovers are prone to make several of these common mistakes which can ruin their wine tasting experience leaving them feeling completely unsatisfied with their wine. So what can you do to make sure you don’t commit these mistakes?

Pay attention to the following listed points and avoid them next time on a wine tasting and you will see that your wine tastes infinitely better and delicious:

Avoid chilling your wine too much

Many of us don’t realize that wine isn’t supposed to be chilled in the refrigerator too long or that we aren’t supposed to put ice in it. This can result in dilution its original taste which could be the biggest mistake you could make while serving.

Serving it at the room temperature is equally acceptable but make sure you don’t warm or chill it. It tastes good at its normal temperature and any tampering with its temperature will just leave you feeling unsatisfied with your favorite drink.

Food and wine pairing

Another crucial mistake which a lot of people make is not paying attention to its combination of food. It’s a known fact that some kinds of wines go well with certain ingredients and help in lifting the taste but if you get it wrong, you are bound to get a too sweet, bitter or salty taste which would ruin your whole eating experience.

Make sure you have memorized or listed somewhere the combinations and incorporate it into your eating habits. Don’t mix and match too much, it would only end up in a disaster. Creating a perfect combination is an art and it would take a little time to learn it but once learned, it could change your cooking game.

Don’t rush the wine serving process

Don’t be one of those people who open the bottle and immediately pour it into a glass and serve it. These drinks need some time to breath and take in the oxygen to unravel its taste and aroma.

Next time when you are about to serve a new bottle of wine, open the bottle and pour it into a glass and let it rest for some time before serving it to your guests. This will ensure that there is enough time to open up and soften its flavors.

Store your wine bottle in a perfect environment

One of the most crucial mistakes which a lot of people make is storing the bottles in the wrong environment. Avoid keeping the bottles in some warm place or somewhere it can catch the sun’s rays, it will age your wine quickly and will taste and smell flat when you finally do open it.

Avoid storing it in cold places too as this dry out the cork and again result in a not so natural flavor. Make sure that you don’t store it in a place where it experiences extreme temperature swings, just keep it somewhere where the temperature is around 50-55 degrees and you should be good to go. Here’s few more useful storage tips you should know about.


Avoid choosing incorrect glassware

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the correct glass for your wine is extremely important if you don’t want to destroy your whole wine drinking experience. Imagine pouring wine in a coffee cup or a paper cup and then serving to your guests, not only will you be forever mocked for this gesture but you will also ruin the wine taste-making others doubt your choice in wine.

Go for simple glassware with the large bowl as they give the wine more time to soak in the air and release its flavors and aromas. But make sure you choose your glassware with precision and in accordance with the occasion, don’t be neglectful of this simple point else you might end up scaring everyone away from your future wine tastings.

Now that you know all the mistakes which you were committing so far, next time you grab a bottle of wine make sure you serve it right and taste it the way it was meant to be.

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